Ben Carson makes campaign stop in Gaffney

Republican Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson made a stop in Gaffney, Thursday afternoon.

Carson was at the American APPS Meeting at the Gaffney Visitor’s Center at 3pm. While there, he spoke one-on-one with 7 News Reporter Eryn Rogers.

Carson is coming off of a poor finish in the New Hampshire primary. However, he said he expects to win big in South Carolina. He said with other candidates dropping out of the presidential race, he doesn’t see it really impacting his campaign. But, he will be focusing on reaching as many South Carolinians in the next few days as possible.

“I think the people here resonate more with the kind of philosophy that I have and just getting in front of audiences, like the one here,” Dr. Carson said.

On Thursday, the candidate talked foreign and national policies to about two hundred people at the Visitor’s Center.

He also talked about his policies that would directly benefit South Carolinians such as his pro-military stance.

His plans include “External support groups when somebody joins the military that goes with them throughout their entire military career, starts working on their placement a year before they’re discharged,” and he said he will also implement PTSD care three to five years after a service member is discharged. He included healthcare reform within his military plan that would allow veterans to go to any doctor of their choosing which he said would challenge VA hospitals to get better.

He said he wants to highlight these policies as voters head to the polls. He said he hopes this primary won’t be similar to Iowa’s and the misinformation from the Ted Cruz campaign. Carson said there hasn’t been a meeting set up between the two candidates yet, but he is open to having one.

“I’ve forgiven him, I’ve moved on, but people can see what happened and make their own judgments,” Carson said.

He also weighed in on being someone’s running mate.

“People say will you be VP or secretary of agents,” Carson said. “I’m not looking for a job. I’ve had a job all my life. I’m looking to straighten out this country.”

He said what makes him stand out among other candidates is that he’s not one of the politicians but just like every other voter.

Carson will be in South Carolina campaigning for the next several days.


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