Clemson, USC football stars endorse GOP Presidential candidates

The potential power of major endorsements played out, Thursday, for Senator Marco Rubio and Governor John Kasich. Both were joined on the campaign trail by big names from very different worlds, hoping to get their favorite to Saturday’s finish line.

In the last few weeks, Rubio has picked up powerful endorsements of Congressman Trey Gowdy and Senator Tim Scott. Governor Nikki Haley signed on Wednesday night.

The four of them campaigning together, Thursday, had many talking about the star power of these key political players, but football players are also hitting the trail and potentially changing the game.

Former USC quarterback Connor Shaw is backing Rubio. Former Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd is behind John Kasich. Now, it’s a Gamecocks vs. Tigers showdown at the intersection where sports meet politics.

Boyd told 7 News reporter Addie Hampton that he never gave much thought to politics until he met John Kasich.

“Who he is as a person means a lot to what he would do for his country,” said Boyd.

Now, he’s on the campaign trail stumping for the Ohio Governor and hoping to sway the Tiger family and the rest of the Palmetto State.

“Kasich is a very strong candidate. I think he is the candidate because of what his morals are and because of his integrity. The way he carries himself and because of the maturation that he presents when he’s out there on stage,” said Boyd.

In a competitive political world that often plays out like a football game, Boyd is right at home moving the Kasich ball down the field. Now, it turns out a friendly rival is also in the game.

“It’s a privilege to show my support for Marco Rubio and his family,” said former USC quarterback, Connor Shaw, Thursday, at a Greenville campaign stop.

Cheers for the winningest USC quarterback were just as loud as those for the presidential hopeful.

“I think we can all agree, whether we’re gamecocks or tigers, that Marco Rubio should be our next president,” said Shaw.

Tajh Boyd said he can’t help but notice the irony of his football rival now becoming a political rival.

“I’m going to push Kasich as much as possible,” said Boyd. “I know he’s going to do the same for Rubio, but I’m very confident about Kasich and his ability to lead.”

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