Stolen SUV dumped in Saluda River

Rescue crews were on the scene of a reported car in the Saluda River off of Holliday Dam Road.

The Belton Fire Department tells us a call came in for a car in the river Tuesday morning near the Greenville/Anderson County line.

A Greenville County deputy says they don’t believe anyone is in the car. The red Ford Explorer was out of the water by 12:45 p.m.

Fire officials say it’s in a very remote area. Crews working at the dam found the car.

Along with Anderson County Fire Technical Rescue team, the Friendship Fire Department were on the scene. James Auto Repair/Towing of Honea Path helped crews pull the car out.

Anderson Co. Sheriff’s Office says the SUV was stolen from Laurens County. The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office say it was stolen from a towing company, after it was towed during an arrest attempt. They have an outstanding warrant for the man that was last driving the car, with a stolen Bush Hog attached to it. The suspect was able to get away on foot.

car in river scene pics car in river




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