Shopping Apps Are Getting Better At Saving You Cash

How many smartphone apps do you have that help save you money? If the answer is none, you’re missing out.

Even if you haven’t had luck in the past, there are new and upgraded shopping apps that may be worth a try.

One new app called Paribus gets you money back when a price drops on something you’ve bought recently. It links into your email receipts and does all the work for you.

“Typically our success rates are, we’re getting an A rating, 90-95% of claims come back successful, so if there’s a claim sent out, good odds you’ll get that money back,” said Eric Glyman, the CEO.

Paribus charges 25% of the money it makes you, but that’s 75% more than you might have gotten if you had not found the price drop yourself.

The Coupon App just came out with an upgraded version this month. It finds coupons while you’re in the store, and you can redeem them right from your phone. That’s a time saver to Mary Edith Strickland who used to have to print them.

“It’s been a couple of years that I tried it and really the apps that I used were searching for circulars versus coupons,” she said, admitting it’s time to try again.

A high rated app that’s specific to Supermarkets is Grocery Pal. It scours specials and lets you know which store has the best price on the products you want.

There are several apps that let you comparison shop using a barcode scanner, but not all of them are equally effective. Our advice, check the ratings.

For instance, ShopSavvy is a scanner that gets 4 out of 5 stars on the App store, compared to Red Lazer that gets just two.

If there is a store that you tend to use more often, definitely check to see if they have a mobile app. Those store specific apps offer coupons that can really save you money over time.

Before you download any app, be sure to check the permissions to make sure they make sense. And read the reviews.

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