Assault case against fmr. Walhalla officer reopened

The assault case against former Walhalla Officer Zachary Covington has been reopened by Westminster Magistrate Judge Will Derrick.

Covington’s case was dismissed last week after the solicitor’s office did not show up to a hearing.

State Investigators say Covington beat a man in handcuffs while on duty.

The man they say was assaulted is Matthew Lowell.

He said he was never resisting arrest the night he was taken in by the Walhalla Police Department.

Instead, he said the arresting officers got rough. He said one flicked Lowell’s unlit cigarette out of his mouth.

“The other officer pulled me down. [He] slammed me down [and] he hit me like 6 times,” said Lowell.

State law enforcement division said Covington hit Lowell in the head 3 times and it was all caught on dash cam.

Lowell said SLED investigators visited him in jail.

“They said they watched the tapes and 15 minutes later they told me he was being arrested,” said Lowell.

The newest hearing has not been set yet.

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