I-85 Potholes Shred Tires, Angers Drivers

It was a nightmare for motorists Wednesday morning on I-85.

Deep pot holes blew out tires on several cars near exit 57 south bound, leaving drivers lined up and stranded on the side of the road. Dark mornings plus rain and combined with crumbling roads is an equation with a disastrous outcome.

“I hit the pot hole about a half mile back,” said Ryan Camp, inspecting his tire.

Camp joined a growing unhappy club of drivers with shredded tires thanks to the pothole he said he’s hit before.

“This is the second tire I’ve actually had blow out on that pothole in the last few weeks,” Camp explained.

Big rig driver Richard Kendrick said it was too big to miss.

“We’ve been hittin’ that same hole. Just seems to get bigger then they patch at it, then it’s just right back to the way it is and with the trucks we have to stay over in that right lane so I mean it’s something that’s inevitable,” said Kendrick, who dealt with a blow that took him out. “Just kinda shook up. I mean when a steer tire blows on a big truck it’s um, it’s not like your average tire blowing on your car.”

Around 6am, 6 affected drivers were lined up and many shared the same feelings as Camp.

“Something’s got to be done about these roads. I mean I’m not a road expert but this is unacceptable. This is dangerous,” he said.

As the sun came up, it shined light on the issue. A DOT crew was called out to patch it up by the work day’s end.

Meanwhile, 90 minutes south at the Statehouse in Columbia, Beaufort Senator Tom Davis continued his filibuster into day 4, effectively blocking any action on any road funding plans. This means Ryan Camp, Richard Kendrick and the rest of the shredded tire club may be back here again before the Senate settles on a solution.

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