Family, celebrities stumping for candidates

Former President Bill Clinton took the stage for his wife Hillary on Thursday.

He spoke to a large group at USC Upstate in Spartanburg.

The crowd didn’t seem disappointed that he was speaking on her behalf.

“It actually makes it even more exciting,” said student Ashten Lattea.

“To be honest, I might be a little bit more excited to see Bill Clinton since he was the president.  She’s just running,” added Kenya Cureton.

At any moment during the rally, camera were up – capturing pictures.

“I took a million — at least a million,” said Va’ljohn Eady.

“I couldn’t get a selfie of me and Bill.  That’s okay!  They’ll be other opportunities,” said Marsha Brown.

Former Governor Jeb Bush tried the same thing out on the campaign trail before dropping out.

He brought out loved family members like his mother Barbara and brother, and former president, George W. Bush.

“It’s really cool that you get to have your family come and talk about you.  Anyone can talk about themselves.  It gives you more insight to them,” said Eady.

Democratic rival Bernie Sanders has someone doing his stumping in South Carolina.

Rapper Killer Mike recently hit the trail in Atlanta and Columbia.

Rally-goers say they’re looking for more than just information at these rallies.

“Oh it’s a celebrity thing too!  I love Bill,” said Brown.

Bringing the family — and celebrity help is a technique we’ll likely see all the way to November.

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