Lawsuit filed against Greenville County Sheriff’s Office over shooting death

Lawsuit filed against Greenville County Sheriff's Office over shooting death

A Greenville County man was robbed inside his home and shot dead by Deputies responding to the 9-1-1 call on December 10th, 2015.

Now, the family of Charles Rosemond Sr. is moving forward with a wrongful death lawsuit against the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office.

The family’s attorney claims that the Deputies did not identify themselves before entering the victim’s home after Rosemond was robbed.

That’s when Rosemond shot at the deputies, hitting Deputy Dave Dempsey in the head and causing Deputies to return fire.

“It’s unclear of whether or not Mr. Rosemond heard them, whether they announced themselves or not, but they broke his door down, went inside his house and shot him,” says Attorney Fletcher Smith.

According to the lawsuit, Rosemond was shot in the leg and bled to death in a matter of minutes.

Smith says the State Law Enforcement Division has been investigating the case since December 10th, and the Rosemond family is still waiting for answers.

“I don’t think it takes that long to come to some conclusions as to what transpired out there in Taylors when this man was shot and killed,” says Smith.

He says it’s understandable that Rosemond was shaken up after just being robbed, and there’s a chance he thought the Deputies were the robbers returning for more.

Something he says, the deputies should have been expecting before entering his home.

“The fact is, law enforcement ought to have training, they ought to know how to approach someone who was possibly a victim inside their home, and that wasn’t done in this case.”

Attorney Russell Harter represents the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office in this case.  He says he’ll be filing a response to the lawsuit sometime next month.

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