Missing Boy Scout found safe in Greenville Co.

Greenville County law enforcement reports that the missing child in Jones Gap State Park has been found safely.

12-year-old John Quay, a Boy Scout, became separated from his group during a hike, near Ceasar’s Head Park.

The Sheriff’s Office says that he was found by a family that was hiking in the area off of Oil Camp Creek Road.

7News spoke with that family and they say Quay called out for help when he saw them. They helped him through a creek and gave him a granola bar. They say rescuers showed up a few minutes later.

A firefighter at the scene of the rescue said the boy slipped and fell down the side of a mountain and could hear people yelling for him all night but they could not hear him. The firefighter says the boy survived by burying himself in leaves to stay warm, something he learned in the Boy Scouts.

Park rangers said Quay went missing at around 4:30pm on Saturday.

The Boy Scout group consisted of 6 to 7 boys and 3 leaders. The group was supposed to camp and spend the night in the forest.

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