Upstate 12-year-old triplets celebrate 3rd Leap Year Birthday

A set of triplets from Landrum are celebrating their birthday this Leap Day!

Harris, Elizabeth, Drew were born on Sunday, February 29, 2004 to parents Jeff and Kelly Rowe, formerly of Mt. Pleasant.

At their birth, the triplets were carried full-term and were not delivered by induction or C-Section, but by natural birth.

The triplets were born at MUSC in Charleston and were healthy, weighing in at almost 17 pounds. They became the largest triplets ever born in the Southeast and SC at the time, according to their mom, Kelly Rowe.

Rowe also says the triplets never spent time in the NICU or nursery, but went home with her and her husband after two days in the hospital. She didn’t have any complications or bedrest during pregnancy, Rowe adds.

The couple had two other children when the triplets were born and have since had more children. The Rowe family of nine lives in the Upstate.

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