Clemson students ringing in Upstate International Month with “100 Bells”

Clemson performing arts students are ringing in Upstate International Month by playing 18 different national anthems on the Clemson Memorial Carillon bells.

The performance started at noon today at Tillman Hall.

The Clemson Carillon students, ranging from freshmen to graduate students, and all with different majors, are each playing a national anthem from a different country.

The countries represented include France, Germany, Poland, China, Cuba, Spain, Philippines, Italy, Mexico, India, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Turkey, Thailand, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States.

The students are playing  the anthems in coordination with other churches and institutions across the upstate as a part of Upstate International Month’s “100 Bells” kickoff event.

The event’s name honors the rich tradition of Greenville’s sister city of Bergamo, Italy.

Even today, Bergamo rings the city bells 100 times every evening to mark the ancient curfew once held as the gates in the city walls were locked at night for safety.

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