POLL: Google’s self-driving car gets in crash, accepts some blame

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Google, for the first time, is acknowledging at least partial responsibility for a crash of one of its self-driving cars, and says it has already learned from the accident.

In a monthly report Monday, Google said it clearly bears some of the responsibility for the Feb. 14 crash between the car and a city bus in Silicon Valley, because if its car hadn’t moved, there wouldn’t have been a collision.

Google says its self-driving car had predicted that the bus would yield to it when it pulled out to avoid sandbags alongside the road. The Google driver monitoring the car’s movements made the same assumption. But the bus did not yield, and the vehicles struck each other.

Google says the crash came from the same kind of negotiations and misunderstandings that take place between human drivers every day.

The tech giant says its cars will now have a better understanding that buses and other large vehicles are less likely to yield than smaller ones.

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