Man accused of burning home with man inside in Cowpens

Joshua David Murray Guinn, 33, of Cowpens

A man is under arrest for an attempted murder charge after Cowpens officers say he set someone’s house on fire.

Arrest warrants states Joshua David Murray Guinn, 33, of Cowpens tried to murder a man by setting the front and back doors of the house on fire in the attempt of preventing the man from exiting the house. He faces an arson charge to the 3rd degree and a charge for maliciously doing damage to real property with a value less than $2,000, reports say.

The incident happened February 24 at a home on Pine Street in Cowpens.

The victim was asked by officers if he knew anyone who would want to harm him and he said Guinn, who lives across the railroad tracks from him, according to the incident report.

When officers responded to the Guinn’s home, they knocked several times before Guinn came to the door. When Guinn answered the door a strong smell of gas came from inside the house, according to reports.

Officers asked Guinn if he knew anything about the house fire on Pine Street and he said he didn’t.

A little while longer, officers say they located cocktails beside the porch, along with one empty lucas gas treatment bottle, two blue solo cups filled with a petroleum base substance, and a paper like product inside the blue solo cup wrapped in camo tape.

Officers also found the same type of container in the roadway that was burned to see if it would ignite if lit, according to reports.

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