Pickens Co. discusses alternatives to closing schools

Pickens County School Board Discusses Alternative Solutions to Closing Schools

Pickens County parents, teachers, and school board members have been debating on closing three schools for months.  The schools include A.R. Lewis, Holly Springs, and Ambler Elementary.

Tuesday night, a meeting was held to discuss alternative solutions provided by community members.

Board members have debated the topic since the start of the year to avoid having three schools closed by the upcoming school year.

“All of these ideas are coming from the community to the board as alternatives to consolidation,” says John Eby, Pickens County School District’s Public Information Specialist.

A proposal for a 1% sales tax on prepared food was presented, which board members say would generate about $12 million a year for the county to be put towards either renovating all existing schools or building a new facility.

Parents say they want all options on the table before any of the schools are closed.

“I think it’s been pretty clear from the community from the rallies, the town hall meetings, the number of phone calls they’ve gotten, that nobody wants that to happen,” says Rebecca Newman.

One final meeting will be held next week before the board makes a recommendation on the fate of the three schools in question.

School representatives say no date has been set on a final vote.


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