Downtown Spartanburg sees “historic” growth

Downtown Spartanburg

The City of Spartanburg says its downtown is growing at a rate they’ve never seen before.

Spokesperson Will Rothschild says they are seeing more and bigger projects.

“This is the most sustained period of growth in Spartanburg’s downtown, in the city’s history,” Rothschild said.

From construction at a new hotel in downtown, to a five-story mixed use building at Daniel Morgan Avenue and West Main Street, with retail space and residential units.

There’s also an office building going up near the Marriott with at least 50,000 square feet of space to accommodate around 250 workers.

The Lundy Building downtown is also undergoing renovations. Along with the development and business growth, the city also says more people are wanting to live downtown.

“One of the winning formulas that we’ve seen when it comes to downtown Spartanburg has been taking some of our historic buildings, converting the top floors to residential units, and the bottom floors to retail or restaurant space,” Rothschild said.

To see a timeline of the projects in Spartanburg, click here.

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