Thousands of Clemson, Carolina fans cheer on Reedy River Rivalry

It was a record setting night in Greenville at Fluor Field. Thousands of fans packed the stadium for the Clemson vs. Carolina Reedy River Rivalry game.

Every year the event, hosted by ScanSource, turns out a big crowd and this year didn’t disappoint.

“It’s huge. It is the rivalry, the biggest one around basically,” Claude Bray, a Gamecock Fan said.

Gamecocks and Tigers cheered their teams on until the very end, as Clemson won.

“it seems like the excitement builds every year,” Whitner Kennedy, a Clemson fan said.  “Like, you come downtown into Greenville like today and see what seem to be 10-15 thousand people.”

According to a “Greenville Drive” news release, a record number of fans showed up. Over 7,200 people attended, marking one of the biggest games Fluor Field has ever seen.


2014 held the previous record for more than 7,100 fans attending. The stadium only has 5,700 seats. So, it was standing room only.

“It gets you excited, you get to watch the game and see the rivalry play out in the fans,” Kennedy explained.

“There’s nothing compared to the rivalry of Clemson Carolina you know?” Louis Sanders added. “Right now there is way more than there normally is.”

Fluor Field celebrated its 10th anniversary last year bringing in over 345,000 people through their gates.

Their new season begins in just over a month on April 7th, taking on Asheville.

To find out more about the Greenville Drive and tickets, click HERE.

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