50+ dogs rescued from hoarding situation in Abbeville Co.

Dog Hoarding Due West
Dog Hoarding Due West

The Abbeville County Sheriff’s Office assisted in the bust of a large dog hoarding case in Due West.

Investigators say they arrived to find over 50 dogs that were living in harsh and unhealthy living conditions on George Alewine Road.

There were approximately 53 dogs that were confined to small kennels, some of the kennels had two or three dogs inside.

The dogs were sitting in their own fecal matter and urine. There was also fecal matter and urine on the floor of the homes, according to the sheriff’s office.

None of the dogs had vaccine or rabies records, according to the sheriff’s office.

Abbeville City Animal Control, Upstate Animal Rescue, Carolina Poodle Rescue, Wild At Heart Rescue, and the Greenville Humane Society all helping in taking in the dogs.

Air 7 was overhead as the sheriff’s office took the animals from the home.


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