The Iron Yard to participate in nationwide Opportunity Project

The White House announced this week it’s releasing a bunch of information and sharing government data with lots of different organizations so they can use it to help communities.

The Iron Yard is one of the groups chosen to partner on the project. The coding school in downtown Greenville teaches people to code and build software.

The students will soon be putting those skills to another good use in the open data initiative, said Eric Dodds, Chief Marketing Officer.

“This is really going to take all the data that the government is collecting and give it feet, really practically on a local level,” Dodds explained. “We anticipate a lot of our students accessing the data from the Census Bureau and incorporating that into really interesting applications and websites that make the Upstate a better place for the people who live here.”

As their students work on these projects, they’ll also be learning the skills needed to launch their careers. The Iron Yard has seen a lots of job growth in the tech sector – that isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

“We’re excited to be training the people that will fill all sorts of jobs at all types of companies in the Upstate,” Dodds explained.

For more information:

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