Wind, Hail Damage Could Go Unseen After Monday Storms

The hail and wind the storms brought Monday night left behind a lot of damage to a lot of Upstate homes. That’s left many roofing repair companies with their hands full.

Parts of the Upstate were blanketed with hail, more or less the size of a quarter. Combined with high winds, it was a damaging storm.

“It sounded like a big plane comedy over,” Kevin Greer said.

“The rain came down, the wind picked up.,” Roxanne Greenleaf recalled. “I went to pick up my lawn chair, the door went flying aluminum was in the trees.”

As soon as the storms were over, Chris Barnes with Apex Roofing LLC was flooded with calls for repairs.

“We had calls for shingles blown off or peeled back and standing up,” Barnes said. “I’ve had a few calls about vinyl siding with holes in it, several window screens broken, gutters dinged up.”

So he spent Tuesday responding to those calls, climbing home and inspecting roofs in several Upstate towns. He’ll take pictures of any damaged shingles or problem areas for the homeowner, then help them contact their insurance before moving forward as quickly as they can with repairs.

He says the hail is some of the worst he’s seen in years and it has left visible damage. But with many of the homes he’s checking, you can’t see the damage from the roof.

Chris says that’s where some people get in trouble, by not getting the repairs they need. Some people think because they don’t see the damage, they don’t have problems and that can cause a big mess down the road.

” Your particular area wasn’t hit by this particular storm, there was another storm this past April that damaged a lot of roofs,” he said. “Yours may have been damaged then and you weren’t home or out of town or looked up and said oh it looks great.”

There are small signs, like dust from the shingles on the ground or small pieces of shingles in the grass, that could mean you need help.

If you don’t see a problem, or if you have an old roof or if your home has seen a bad storm before, it might be time to get a professional inspection. You’ll want to make sure everything is in shape, before more severe weather moves in.

Some companies, like Apex roofing LLC in Greenville County, will do inspections for free.

“Your leaks are going to be coming in quickly,” Barnes added. “A lot of people by the time leaks show up inside the house, the leaks been going on for some time”

Experts say you should do your research before hiring a professional to do repairs or inspections on your roof. They say after a big storm, people will travel far looking for business in repairs and could charge too much or possibly scam you.

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