Blossomgame Declares For NBA, Brownell Defends Program

On the same day that his star player Jaron Blossomgame declared early for the NBA Draft (without signing with an agent, leaving the possibility open that he can return), Clemson head coach Brad Brownell discussed his team’s 17-14 season Wednesday with reporters.d

With his program having missed on an NCAA or NIT trip for the fourth time in five years Brownell, who has four years remaining on his contract, answered the calls seen in social media that after six years guiding the Tigers perhaps it’s time for a change.

Meanwhile, Blossomgame, a first-team all-ACCer this season who averaged nearly 19 points per game, will get a better sense of his pro stock after going through the early May Chicago Scouting Combine.  He has until May 25th to determine if he wants to fully close the door on a return to college for his final season of eligibility.

Even with Blossomgame’s return for next year in question, Brownell says he’s still confident that his team can make a push toward a postseason berth with who returns as well as three transfers who will be eligible.


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