Man killed by hit and run, Family marches along Augusta Rd. in Greenville to make road safer

Family and friends of hit-and-run victim Donquiel Teasley came together in an effort to make Augusta Road safer for pedestrians.

21-year-old Donquiel Teasley was killed by a hit and run driver last June while walking along the side of Augusta Road in Greenville.

Wednesday, family and friends came together in an effort to make the roads safer for pedestrians.

District Representative Leola Robinson-Simpson says she wants to add more traffic lights and sidewalks to avoid something like this from happening again.

She also says as Greenville grows larger, the roads need to accommodate for the heavier traffic in areas like Augusta Road.

“It’s not that quiet, low-traffic area it was 20 to 30 years ago. But I can assure you, the next time we have a transportation meeting, we’ll discuss that, I’ll make sure it’s on the agenda.”

People expressed concerns about pedestrian safety on Augusta Road at a county council meeting Tuesday night, but so far no plans have been made to improve it.

The driver that Greenville detectives say hit and killed Donquiel is still out there, and Teasley’s family wants that person to be held accountable.

“I’m going to fight til the end of it.  DQ will get justice, “ says Migdalia Abrams, Donquiel’s mother.

Donquiel’s father says it’s normal to see people walking along the side to get to the store down the road.

“I see little ones too walking on the side, kids walking on the side, and unless you’re paying attention, as a motorist is supposed to do, because you’re not supposed to be on the road if you’re not having a responsibility to drive,” says Chris Teasley.

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