Running off solar energy, Upstate man makes the switch

An Anderson man made the switch to solar energy nearly three months ago.

Before Nick Grossenbacher told his electric company farewell, his electric bills averaged about $70 a month.

Now that his 22 solar panels are installed, that monthly bill doesn’t exist.

Grossenbacher says he purchased the panels online and, in part, uses 12 golf cart batteries to turn on the lights.

“I love the country.  I love the silence. I love hearing Mother Nature,” Grossenbacher says.

He says he’s still able to do everything he did before.

“I’m running all the lights in my house, my refrigerator, my deep freezer, this TV, this computer,” he said.

In the past, Grossenbacher says he’s had some trouble with thieves on his property.

The solar panels also produce enough energy to power his new, home surveillance system — including eight security cameras.

“If it’s dark clouds, I’m not producing as much power — but I’m still producing,” he said.

Grossenbacher says the switch was a $6,000 investment, but that it has incentives.

One of those benefits is a big tax credit.

Anyone who installs an Energy Star-approved solar power system by the end of 2016 qualifies.

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