Chris Fedalei running against Trey Gowdy for Congress

26 year old lawyer, Chris Fedalei, is half Gowdy's age.

Spartanburg’s own Congressman Trey Gowdy will face a democratic challenger in this year’s general election and he’s half Gowdy’s age.

26 year old lawyer, Chris Fedalei threw his hat in the ring, Wednesday. He’s running on a platform of restoring the idea of service in the office of Congress.

The USC law school graduate and Spartanburg native comes from a military background. His father, grandfather and great grandfather were military officers. While Fedalei says he’s chosen public service over military service, his mission as a Congressman would be to ensure our nation’s veterans receive adequate health care.

“These are the last people on earth that we should be leaving out in the cold and that we should not be paying attention to. To me, it’s a broken promise. When you sign up to be in the military, you’re promised a certain level of care and benefits when you come home and for us to break our promise to the people who put service above all else is just not acceptable to me,” Fedalei said.

Fedalei said he knows he faces an uphill battle being a young democrat in a predominantly Republican district where Gowdy is running for a fourth term.

He says he’s gaining support by talking about ideas and issues and hopes veterans will help him win on Election Day.

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