Husband accused of beating wife with baseball bat, other abuse

LOCKHART, SC- A woman says she was choked, hit was a metal baseball bat, and kidnapped by her husband after she refused to unlock her phone for him, according to the Union County Sheriff’s Office.

The woman told deputies at the Union Medical Center that her husband came into the bathroom where she was, demanding to see her phone, Wednesday morning, according to deputies.

When she refused, her husband shoved her into the bath tub and choked her, reports say. While doing this, he told her he was going to drown her and turned on the water while holding her down, choking her, according to the incident report.

The reports say the assault continued with the husband punching her in the head and body. The husband is also accused of hitting the victim in the legs with a metal baseball bat, according to reports.

The victim says she was able to get away from her husband and ran down the street to find help, but her husband caught up with her, put her in a head lock, and choked her again while dragging her back into the house, reports say.

According to the incident report, the victim was unable to contact someone the entire day because her phone was locked from too many incorrect pass code attempts. The victim told her husband that she needed medical attention due to her legs hurting, but he slapped her hurt leg, reports say.

Her husband finally let the victim go after she told him that she was going to bible study and she would be missed if she didn’t show up, according to reports.

She left the home, drove to Union Medical Center, and called 911, reports say.

The responding deputy observed and photographed her injuries; she had a large bruise on her right arm, swelling to her right hand, swelling to her left leg below the knee, and a bruise to the left side of her head near her ear, swelling to the right side of her face, swelling to the right side of her neck, and swelling to her left leg, below the knee. In addition to the visible injuries, the victim says she had pain in her neck and back from the assault.

Deputy says the victim’s right leg was bandaged and she was also on crutches due to her injuries.

The responding deputy met with a magistrate and obtained warrants to charge the husband with domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature and kidnapping.

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