SCAM: Greenwood woman investigated by FBI

Linda Massey, of Greenwood, is at the center of an FBI scam investigation, after agreeing to help a bogus company 2 years ago.

Massey stated that she didn’t know what she was doing was illegal. She thought the business was legitimate.

She had been working with a man from India, and is facing federal charges after agreeing to run the fake business from her home. The man in India is also facing charges.

According to the indictment, Massey kept a portion of each victim’s check, and then sent the rest to India.

The scam starts with a computer pop, with a phone number, that says you’ve been hacked.

More than 120 victims reported the scam to the Better Business Bureau in Greenville, and the indictment states there were hundreds more affected by the scam.

Over $5 million was taken from these people, according to the indictment.

We talked with a few victims and heard what they had to say about the scam.

Carol Spriggs, from Indiana, said that she was charged $6,500 by the bogus company.

Richard Mahan, from Texas, stated that his life and even his family’s lives were threatened by the company.

Massey was very hesitant about talking with 7News, but she stated that she was “working with the FBI and trying to get this straightened out.”

Massey will have her day in court, which may be some consolation to the many victims who may never get their money back.


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