Video, evidence released on deadly SMC campus shooting

Photo of car Delvin Simmons was driving
Photo of car Delvin Simmons was driving

7News has obtained surveillance video of moments before the deadly shooting of Delvin Simmons on Spartanburg Methodist College’s campus.

Through a freedom of information act, 7News obtained photos, statements, and video from the night of the shooting.

Video shows Delvin Simmons and Oliver Chandler breaking into vehicles on SMC’s campus.

Documents revealed that a student saw the act and texted former officer Justin Yarborough.

According to statements, Yarborough detained Chandler, while the shooting happened out of their view.

SMC 911 Audio:

A student interviewed, says that she saw the car Delvin was driving, drive towards Officer Andrew Tomlinson, and that Tomlinson stepped out of the way and fired his weapon.

Simmons died from a gunshot wound to the chest.

There is no known video of the shooting.

Golf Clubs and Speakers, that Chandler admitted to stealing in a statement, were found in the trunk of the car that Simmons was driving when he was shot.

8th Circuit Solicitor David Stumbo said that Officer Tomlinson was justified in the shooting.

The Simmons’ family has retained Mullins McLeod, who states they will file a wrongful death lawsuit.

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