100s line up to adopt animals rescued from NC animal shelter

SANFORD, N.C. (WNCN) — Hundreds of people have lined up to adopt nearly 700 animals rescued from a Hoke County animal shelter Friday.

Those interested in adopting a new four-legged friend can go to the temporary shelter located at 2217 Nash Street in Sanford Friday through Sunday. The hours each day are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The ASPCA has been nursing the dogs, cats, horses, pigs and birds back to health since they were removed from the Haven Animal Shelter in January following complaints.

The shelter’s owners, Stephen and Linden Spear, are charged with animal cruelty.

Ehren Melius, a shelter director with the ASPCA, said the rescue was the ASPCA’s largest companion animal cruelty case.

“Cruelty is horrible regardless of the scale but to see it in this kind of numbers, where it’s nearly 700 animals that were that neglected, is pretty horrendous,” he said.

Upwards of 90 people have been working daily in the temporary shelter to get the animals ready for adoption. Behaviorists have been working with the animals, who have received daily exercise and been medically treated.

Adoption counselors will be on hand this weekend to work one-on-one to help make matches.

Melius said they not only want to find the nearly 700 animals new homes, but they want to find them the right homes.

“Each animal is a unique individual,” he said. “We’ve spent the last few weeks getting to know them, so we want to make sure they’re matched up well with the right home, so that way that placement is permanent.”

The ASPCA is asking potential pet owners to bring an ID, proof of address and a pet carrier if they have one.

All adoption fees will be waived and all the animals will be spayed or neutered as well as microchipped. They will also have their rabies vaccinations.

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