First high school ENO hammock lounge in US at Spartanburg Day School

SDS students enjoy new ENO Lounge

When a student leadership group asked what Spartanburg Day School needed last summer – more lounge space topped the list. One student took the idea and ran it to the finish line.

img_8530-1Sam Freedman worked with his Boy Scout Troop to create the nations first high school ENO lounge. The hammocks are made by Asheville based Eagles Nest Outfitters and were donated to the project. ENO has done this for college campuses before. But not for high schools, until now.

See 7 News Anchor Amy Wood’s live report on Facebook from the unveiling ceremony Friday morning.

Sam Freedman made it his Eagle Scout project with support from his troop at Church Of The Advent in Spartanburg and his parents Dr. Arthur and Mary Freedman and Dr. Scott Cochran – President of Spartanburg Methodist College. who leads a summer leadership institute at SDS.

“Whether hiking through the backcountry or hanging in the backyard, ENO is all about getting people outside,” said Trent Robinson of ENO. “When we heard Sam’s plan for the hammock village Eagle Scout project we were all in. We think this structure will provide a unique relaxing refuge for the students to socialize, study or just chill. As hammock structures begin to take root in parks and campuses all around the country, it is our hope that they draw people outdoors and bring them together. Studies show the social bonding and relaxation that hammocks generate, but the effects can’t be denied when they’re experienced firsthand.”

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