Teen Greenville cop-killer ID’ed as Deontea Mackey

Deontea Mackey
Allen Jacobs
Allen Jacobs

Greenville Police Department has identified 17-year-old Deontea Mackey as the gang member who shot and killed Greenville Police officer Allen Jacobs.

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Jacobs was shot near the 300 block of Laurens Rd. around 12:30 PM.

The police chief says officers approached self-identified gang member Deontea Mackey.

Mackey ran from them down Rebecca St. and opened fire on the officer hitting Jacobs several times.

Jacobs later died at Greenville Memorial Hospital.

Police say Mackey shot and killed himself on Swamp Rabbit Trail.

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They think he called his mom right before he shot himself.


Mackey was arrested in March 2015 for strong arm robbery. He was convicted and sentenced to 10-years suspended for 251 days time served.

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