Beware of fake concert tickets and look-alike websites

Buyer beware. 7 News has learned people are getting scammed while buying concert tickets. Local venues say they’ve had to turn away people who show up with fake tickets.

In the concert world “sold out” often translates to pay more on another site.

Adam Walton in Greenville did just that to get Phish tickets when they last played in Charlotte.

“We got to the concert and it ended up the tickets had been used by someone else previously, I guess, so they didn’t let us in, Unfortunately.”

He had paid, and lost, more than $200.

The Bon Secours Wellness Arena says it happens more than you’d think.

“It does happen, it is a reality and it’s a sad reality sometimes when families will buy multiple tickets on a site and they get here and they’re not real and it’s exasperated when the show may be sold out, and there really is no way to get them in the building,” said Beth Paul, the General Manager.

Beyond outright scams, there are also money wasters that you need to watch out for, in the form of look-alikes.

For instance a Google search of Ticketmaster, also shows MasterTicket.Center. That site is only 6 months old and generally charges a lot more.

“I do think it’s deceptive in a way, but we live in a society where you walk around, and you’re constantly getting deceived by clever marketing,” said Cory Marcon who has been to about 50 concerts.

So how do these lookalikes get away with it? Well unless they copy Ticketmaster’s logo, copyright or sell fake tickets, there’s nothing illegal about it.

So while scalping on a venue’s property is still illegal, generally online it’s not.

As for Walton, we checked with Stubhub where he bought his tickets, and they do guarantee a refund or replacement for fakes. But Walton didn’t know that, so he never got his money back.

“I tend to go straight to the source to get the tickets from now on,” he said.

It’s a wise choice if you want to see the music, rather than face it.

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