Daycare owner didn’t know risks of E.Coli that killed toddler

Myles S. Mayfield Credit: Blyth Funeral Home

According to deposition reports from a lawsuit filed on behalf of 2-year-old Myles Mayfield, the Learning Vine owner Cindy Ray didn’t know the risks of E.Coli in a daycare setting.

The CDC lists the illness can be very severe in children. To learn more, click here.

To read that deposition, click here. Deposition of Cindy Ray, Owner of Learning Vine

In the deposition it states that according to DSS guidelines, employees with E. Coli are to be removed until the illness is gone. Ray said they did not remove the employee.

The daycare was notified by DHEC on May 19th of 2015 that the employee had E.Coli, she continued to work. Myles got sick on May 26th and DHEC confirmed that he had E. Coli on the 29th. Myles died a few short days later.

There is notification of the E. Coli outbreak on DSS’ regulatory website for daycares. There are several violations that are severe since August.

You can check those violations,click here.

We have reached out to DSS with several questions about illness training and the severe violations that The Learning Vine has received. We have yet to hear back.

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