Child sex crime case solved 34 years later, may be more victims says sheriff

James McMillian

Union Co. Sheriff Taylor says they believe they’ve solved a 34-year-old criminal sex assault against a minor.

He says James Craig McMillian sexually assaulted three kids.

He says even though this happened 34 years ago, the case was brought to sheriff’s office in 2007.

Taylor says someone brought it back up the first of March.

The sheriff says the victim mentioned the crime when talking to deputies about something unrelated in 2007 but refused to provide details and wouldn’t cooperate with investigators.

Then, this year, the same victim showed up to get counseling at victim services. To get that counseling, he decided to come forward and cooperate on the details of the crime he’d mentioned 9 years earlier, according to the sheriff.

McMillian is charged with 3 counts of Sexual/ Lewd act upon child.

They believe there could be more victims.

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