Would-be robbers locked out of store. Again.

Credit: WCMH

WILLIAMSTOWN, KY (WCMH) – A quick-thinking store clerk locked the doors on two would-be robbers, and it’s not the first time they have been shut out.

According to police, the suspects have been locked out of two different convenience stores over the last month.

The first was at a Marathon station in Corinth Kentucky in February, according toWCPO-TV.

In the latest case, clerk Dwayne Nickell said he spotted the robbers as he was taking out the trash. “”I came out this door and I got about here and I heard somebody talking right over on the corner there and I just took the garbage just put it on that corner over there and then I went back inside the shop and locked my door and went back up to the cash register to do my work and about that time here they came,” said Nickell.

The robbers took off running when they couldn’t get in.

Williamstown police is now calling the duo the “Lockout Bandits.”


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