Body Cameras, Guns from Greenville officer shooting turned over to investigators

Allen Jacobs

The body camera from Officer Allen Jacobs has been turned over to the State Law Enforcement Division, to see if there is any footage that can be pulled.

Greenville Police Chief Ken Miller stated in a press conference that Jacobs’ body camera had been destroyed in the shooting, but that video would try and be obtained.

The gun that Deontea Mackey used along with guns from 8 law enforcement officers and ballistics recovered from both bodies and the scene was also turned over to SLED for their investigation.

SLED is investigating any criminal wrongdoing, as well as the death of Jacobs. Greenville Police will be internally investigating whether any policies were violated.

The Greenville County Coroner’s Office will be investigating the death of Mackey.

Chief Miller stated that Jacobs was approaching Mackey after they had obtained information he was trying to purchase a gun. Miller said that Mackey started to run away and shot back at Jacobs during that.

Mackey then ran down the Swamp Rabbit Trail, made a phone call, and took his own life, according to Chief Miller.

Miller said that Jacobs’ gun was still inside his holster and that no officers fired their weapons.

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