Documents in Hammond case ordered to be turned over

Zach Hammond
Zach Hammond

The Judge presiding over the civil lawsuit for Zachary Hammond has order the PR Firm Complete PR to release all documents to Hammond’s family attorney.

Complete PR was hired to represent Seneca Police after the fatal shooting of Hammond.

The law firm representing Seneca Police argued that the emails and documents were client privilege. The Judge read over the documents and ordered that they should be turned over for the case on Tuesday.

Those documents must be delivered by March 25th.  Officer Mark Tiller will also be deposed on March 25th for the case.

Tiller could face charges pending the outcome of an investigation with the Department of Justice.

Hammond was shot and killed by Tiller during a drug investigation into the passenger in his car on July 26, 2015.

Solicitor Chrissy Adams said that Tiller was justified in the shooting because he feared for his life.

Judgement: Hammond Order

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