Upstate Islamic Group Offering Mosque Visits to Explain Religion

Many questions are rising about the religious beliefs of the terrorist organization claiming responsibility for the Brussels attack.

Local Islamic Groups are condemning the attacks and want to give you answers. The Islamic Society of Clemson is opening their doors to the public once a week, to answer any questions people may have about their religion.

They say they are not like the radical, violent terrorists known as ISIS. To them, Islam is a peaceful and kind religion.

  “People fear what they don’t know,” Imam Mohammad Mustafa said. “We don’t have any relation with people that fight with their own agenda. I think God doesn’t ask people to kill each other. You can consider Islam as a message of peace.”

“We are completely against the ISIS and their actions. They kill more muslims than any other religion,” said Nedal Meflah, the Islamic Society of Clemson President. “We are not what they see on TV or hear on the radio. We are humans, peace loving, we love this country and we want to be part of it in everything.”

After the attacks in Paris, the society has stepped up their efforts to reach out to the community to share their message. No, they are inviting people into their place of worship, at their Mosque in Clemson.

Every week, for 7 weeks, anyone can come to their meetings called “Meet your Muslim Neighbor”. They will answer questions and give lectures on the Islamic religion, lead by Imam Mohammad Mustafa.

“It is not a new religion. It is just a completing message from God, like judaism or christianity. We believe in all prophets for Islam. It is also a source of peace and gives the freedom for people to live,” Mustafa added. “We have no problem with any questions from any side or any part, okay. If you ask about terrorism or so and so, we have no problem with this.”

The Islamic society believes the negative perception and fear some have for their religion is because lack of knowledge about Islam and they want to change that.

The next meeting will be at the Islamic Society of Clemson Mosque this Thursday at 5:30 p.m.

Then, they will continue for the next 6 Thursdays at the same time at the address below.

1009 Old Stone Church Rd.
Clemson, SC

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