Victim ID’d in fatal shooting on Sterling Bridge Rd. in Greenville Co.

The Anderson Co. Sheriff’s Office says they are investigating a man who was shot dead on Sterling Bridge Rd., near Roe Rd. in Greenville.

The Anderson Co. Coroner, Greg Shore, has identified the victims as 35-year-old Steven Cameron.

The coroner says he died from 2 gunshot wounds to the chest.

It has been ruled a homicide.

Deputies say they got a call around 1:45 p.m. and found Cameron on the porch.

Officers are now canvasing the neighborhood.

They say the investigation is still active and an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow.

Officials say the person responsible for the shooting is still unknown.

“There’s at least 30 investigators working this case and they’re turning every stone,” says Greg Shore, the Anderson County Coroner.

Some neighbors say when they first heard about the shooting they were stunned.

“It’s really scary because I have a 6 month old and I have a 1 year old and it makes me want to pack my stuff up and get on out of here,” says Twin Peaks resident Chasitie Wilson.

“I had a mini bike stolen out of my yard and I had somebody actually break my door handle on the side door, we bolted it down with wood back there.”

Essie Phillips also lives in Twin Peaks. She says 3 years ago, her neighbor’s home across the street was broken into.

“And it unnerved her so bad she moved out.”

So now ,she’s not taking any chances.

“I started locking my bedroom door, I’ve got security on the home, I set it before I go to bed each night.”

Coroner Greg Shore says an autopsy will be conducted Wednesday morning.

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