Mosquitoes may come back sooner and in force in 2016

Get your bug spray ready! Mosquitoes could make a come back sooner than usual and in force.

Last year’s historic rainfall left behind a lot of moisture, making more breeding prone areas and an earlier season for the pests.

Already this spring, mosquito control companies are getting busy and taking more calls.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” Billy Scales, owner of Mosquito Squad, said about people preparing for mosquitoes. “We credit that mostly to the awareness that Zika has brought to the mosquitos and what they can do.”

All it takes is a bottle cap amount of standing water to breed 300 mosquitoes in your back yard and once the weather warms up, you’ll notice them more.

But now, according to Mosquito Squad in Greenville, is the time to take preventative measures.

“We’re starting early just to head off what could possibly be a very bad mosquito season,” Scales added.

While the Zika Virus isn’t a large three in the U.S., experts say it is mostly spread through mosquitoes. They also carry several other more common diseases like Malaria, West Nile Virus and Heart Worms, that can pass from a sick dog to a healthy one, with just one bite.

“The earlier that you sign up, the earlier you get into the rotation and the earlier you start getting the mosquito prevention.”

7 News talked with the Mosquito Squad about ways to get rid of mosquitoes now. You can help keep them away by clearing your yard of any standing water. Although, sometimes the breeding grounds are hard to see.

“You can do a lot to alleviate things yourself,” Scales explained. “But what we do is cover a broad range. We use products that will allow the standing water to stay there but not be able to harvest eggs.”

Mosquito control companies like theirs, have spray and other treatments to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in your lawn. All of them are safe options for you, your garden and pets.

If you buy any form of bug spray, experts recommend products with Deet in them.

For more information on mosquito borne viruses, visit the CDC website HERE.

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