Greenville County Sheriff’s Office files response to wrongful death lawsuit in Taylors

Greenville County Sheriff's Office files response to wrongful death lawsuit in Taylors

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office is responding to a claim made by the family of Charles Rosemond Sr., the man killed in the shooting that injured Deputy Dave Dempsey in December.

The response claims deputies announced themselves before entering Rosemond’s home.

Greenville County Deputies were responding to a robbery at Charles Rosemond Sr.’s home in Taylors last December.

Deputies entered Rosemond’s home after the robbers had already left.

Rosemond shot at them, hitting Deputy Dave Dempsey in the head.

Deputies returned fire, hitting Rosemond’s leg, ultimately killing him.

In February, Rosemond’s family sued the Greenville County Sheriff’s office for a “Wrongful Death,” stating the deputies never announced themselves before entering his home.

Wednesday, the Sheriff’s Office responded to the lawsuit, claiming deputies knocked on his door and announced themselves before entering.

Attorney Fletcher Smith represents Rosemond’s family.

“We support law enforcement.  We don’t want law enforcement killed anymore than our citizens, but if their designed to protect and defend innocent life, they can’t come back and try to demonize Mr. Rosemond and make it seem like he was a criminal for defending his own homeland.”

The response to the lawsuit claims the deputies were acting in self-defense after Rosemond shot at them.

“They wouldn’t have had to act in self-defense if they hadn’t broken into his house, and there’s no such thing as self-defense when you go in and kill a person in their own home,” says Smith.

For now, the Rosemond family is still grieving the loss of Charles Sr. and still looking for answers.

Attorney Fletcher Smith says the Sheriff’s Office has requested a jury trial.

They have 15 days to respond to the discovery request.

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