Cherokee Co. murder suspects’ criminal history

Robert Justin Hord (left) and Joseph Vance Smith
Robert Justin Hord (left) and Joseph Vance Smith

We have found out about the criminal history of the four people arrested in connection with a Cherokee Co. murder.

Cherokee Co. Sheriff Steve Mueller says Carl Francis Burden, 35, of Blacksburg, was shot around 4 a.m. in his car that was pulled over on Blacksburg Highway Wednesday morning.

30-year-old Robert Justin Hord, 36-year-old Joseph Vance Smith and 22-year-old Steven Douglas Neel have been arrested and charged with murder.

Teresa Elaine Roberts, 22 has been charged with Accessory after the fact to Murder and Unlawful Neglect of a Child/ Helpless Person. Deputies say the Neglect charge comes from her admission to using methamphetamine and marijuana while being five weeks pregnant.

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s office says the victim and his wife were driving and started to argue so they pulled over to the side of Blacksburg Highway to switch drivers.

The sheriff said that’s when another vehicle pulled up and blocked the car.

An argument started about a missing tattoo kit and the victim was shot through the car’s window, deputies say.

Deputies say the victim and the driver in the other car knew each other.

The Sheriff says more arrests are pending and that the shooting was motivated by drugs.



South Carolina – Source: SLED
· 09/17/2008 – Petty Larceny less than $200. – Convicted

· 11/15/2011 – Driving under Suspension – Convicted

· 10/20/2011 – Furnish contraband county/ municipal prisons – Convicted

· 03/01/2012 – Grand Larceny $,100 but < $5,000 – Out on bond

· 09/01/2012 – Kidnapping – Disposed

· 03/31/2016 – Murder Manufacturing/ distribution of Methamphetamine – in jail.


South Carolina – Source: SLED

· 09/25/2001 – Forgery less than $5,000 – Dismissed

· 06/17/2002 – Criminal Domestic Violence – Dismissed

· 12/01/2004 – Accessory after the fat to Felony D – Convicted

· 02/15/2005 – DUI 1st Offense – Convicted

· 09/22/2005 – Accessory after the fact of A Felony – Convicted

· 04/04/2011 – Pointing and presenting firearms at a person – unknown

Steven Douglas Neel (left) - Teresa Elaine Roberts (right)
Steven Douglas Neel (left) – Teresa Elaine Roberts (right)


· 9/13/2013 – Burglary second degree – Convicted

· 9/24/2014 – Burglary second degree – Convicted


· 11/14/2012 – Telephone/ Unlawful use of telephone – Arrested

· 6/13/2013 – Entering Premises after warning – Convicted


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