The best April Fools posts on Facebook today

It’s good advice to take anything you see on Facebook with more than a couple of grains of salt, but April Fools day is a minefield of misinformation.
Here are some of our favorites that we have seen today.
BTW – the new episodes of Firefly confirmed post every year isn’t funny. The pain is real.

The Muppets are changing their name.


Deadpool announced the movie will be released on VHS and LaserDisc on May 10. Does anyone still have one of those machines that still work?


Tom Tom Hiddleston, who played Loki from the Thor movie franchise, appeared on Fox 32 Chicago News to deliver the weather report. He blamed the thunderstorms on Thor.


Esurance is introducing election insurance in case you have to move to Canada for the next 4 years.


The US Air Force proposes replacing A-10’s with X-Wings


National Geographic says they will no longer publish pictures of nude animals.


Spartanburg Police Department shows off new K-9


Visit My Smokies claim a volcano was discovered under the Smoky Mountains


Carnival Cruises submarine


US Army says it has teleported a soldier.


New Netflix documentary on John Stamos as well as making Netflix all about John Stamos. John Stamos. Did I mention John Stamos.


Open Table’s new taste app


BBC Brings VHS back


April Fools is apparently Google’s favorite holiday


Google Cardboard Plastic. Experience actual reality.

Google’s “mic drop” Gmail feature

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