Foot golf provides cheaper alternative to golf

Lots of folks play golf, but there’s a new game in town and it doesn’t require expensive clubs, special skills, or even any golf balls.

“It’s a combination of the game of golf and the game of soccer,” said Poplar Golf General Manager Tim Heck.

Foot golf courses are set mostly between fairways, kicking the ball much to a special foot golf cup.

It’s a little different than a regular cup, it’s 21 inches wide!

Maintentance crews are finishing up the last of the 18 mega cups.

Golfers on the course were fascinated.

“Soccer and golf mixed together, uh, I always think it’s cool when you play variations on golf,” said golfer Xeryus Collins.

Professional soccer player Julian Nash loves the game and he has some advice.

“Any time you go to kick the ball, you wanna bend your knees,” said Nash, “You wanna have enough bounce.”

Nationwide, there are hundreds of golf facilities installing foot golf courses and the number is growing.

The cost of a round of Foot Golf at the course in San Mateo will run you $16 for a weekday and $19 for a weekend. Kids play for $10.

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