2nd Teen Escapes Union Co. DJJ Camp


White Pines Camp, a low security DJJ facility says a teen escaped their facility in Union Co. on Sunday.

The teen was caught right across the street.

The camp says the teen had only been there since Friday and had arrived with the teen that escaped on Friday and made it 22 miles away to Spartanburg County.

READ: Teen who escaped from DJJ custody found in Spartanburg Co. hotel

White Pines says the teen escaped escaped while being transferred in.

These teens are not violent offenders, but they are sent to the facility on a court order.

Some arrive in shackles, but there are no fences or gates to keep them in.

The students ranging in age from 12 to 18 stay at the facility anywhere from 1 to 3 months until they can meet guidelines to return home to their family.

Sheriff David Taylor says his office was never called on Sunday from the facility, but that he was called by neighbors who are concerned.

White Pines Camp says they only contact law enforcement when they need assistance locating a teen and that any time a teen escapes the facility DJJ is notified.

Neighbors say the teen ran down their driveway until he was tackled by counselors.

There are 3 other facilities with similar low security programs with DJJ in Greenville, Laurens, and Oconee counties.

7News has a request in to DJJ for the number of incidents that have happened at all Upstate facilities.

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