DJJ investigating violent escape at White Pines Camp in Union Co.


DJJ is investigating an incident that allegedly happened on Sunday at White Pine Camp, a low security DJJ facility in Jonesville.

According to an incident report from the Union County Sheriff’s Office, neighbors on T. Bishop Road said dozens of teens ran after a teen who escaped the camp. The neighbors told deputies that those boys then punched the teen who escaped.

Neighbors say that White Pines counselors never communicated with them for either of the two teens who escaped from the facility.

AMI, who owns White Pine Camp, gave us this statement:

“In the event that an incident like this takes place, we have established a tree of communication, which is being updated as we speak to ensure communication is effective for all parties concerned. Unfortunately, the Executive Director, who is spectacular at changing kids lives, made a rookie mistake and did not follow the procedure. These incidences are few and far between. We are updating the communication tree as we speak. The Executive Director is committed to ensuring that it is utilized.”

DJJ says no further information is being released at this time.


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