Church collapses after major fire in Greenville Co.

CHERRYDALE, SC- A church building for Changing Your Mind Ministries in the Cherrydale area of Greenville County burned down today.

The church is located on Beth Drive near State Park Road.

Parker Fire District is lead agency on the scene.

Our crew on the scene spoke to parishioners and they say no one was injured.

The building, Changing Your Mind Ministries, hasn’t been used in a while, parishioners say.

The Pastor, Wendell Jones says he was inside the building to the side of the church.

He says the church only had pews and nothing that they used in it.

The fire burned for several hours, eventually causing the steeple and part of the church to collapse.

Fire officials say the fire started inside the church.

The pastor of the church posted this on Facebook today:

“Thank you everyone for your calls, texts, visits and posts. We are still blessed and God is still good. Today the former sanctuary and the attached fellowship hall did burn down. Praise God there were no injuries. Our fire fighters and police officers did a great job in protecting the building we currently use. Nevertheless, our hearts are heavy because of the many great things that took place in the old sanctuary under the ministry of Evangelistic Temple, but we continue to be grateful for God’s protection. Thank you again for all of the wonderful support we have received today. As always, much love.”

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