Cigarette butt helps catch Abbeville burglar

Rickey Santoine Henley

An Anderson man was sentenced to 24 years in prison for a burglary that happened more than four years ago.

A discarded cigarette was one piece of evidence that led to the conviction.

Rickey Santoine Henley, 34, was found guilty of first degree burglary in Abbeville County on Wednesday according to the Eighth Circuit Solicitor.

Investigators say Henley broke into a home on Highway 28 in Abbeville in February, 2012. A neighbor spotted him and called deputies with a description of Henley’s car and a partial license tag number.

A Newport cigarette butt was found at the crime scene.

Investigators say they found Henley a week later and that he admitted to the burglary as well as saying he smoked Newport cigarettes. State investigators say DNA from the cigarette butt helped tie the crime to Henley.

It took a jury less than an hour to convict Henley. His previous burglary convictions led to the enhanced first degree burglary charge in this case.


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