Greenville Day Care Under Investigation

A Greenville day care is under investigation.

A Greenville day care is under investigation after a child claimed he was slapped by a teacher.

The alleged incident happened Tuesday at the City Kids Child Development Center on Cleveland Street in Greenville.

Amber Irby said when she picked her son, Jordan, up from school she dropped him off at his grandmother’s, so she could go to her evening classes. She said she wasn’t there long before her mother called her telling her that her son said he was slapped at school.

“She backed him, and he fell on the ground and scraped his nose,” Irby said.

In pictures that were shared with 7 News, you can see a bruise on the child’s face as well as a scrape on his nose.

Irby said she asked her son several times to recount his story to make sure he wasn’t lying.

“He said I’m telling the truth,” Irby said. “I said ok, daddy’s going to ask you too, and he said I’ll tell him the truth, too.”

When 7 News stopped by the day care, the director said they did not have a comment to make. However, they did say since the Center is a DSS certified facility, they contacted the department immediately, and they’ve also been cooperating fully with the Greenville Police Department.

Greenville police told us the investigation is on-going, but they did provide a redacted police report. In the report, it said police were told the marks weren’t on the boy’s face when he was dropped off at the day care that morning.

“You trust these people with your kids…That somebody would actually hit him hard enough to knock him down really hurts my feelings,” Irby said.

The parents said the day care has cameras, but they were told the cameras don’t work.

Bruce Wilson with Fighting Injustice Together, who is also the boy’s uncle, said the director told him that Jordan shouldn’t come back to the day care until the investigation is complete. He said that was unfair to the child who was looking forward to sharing his fourth birthday on Monday with his classmates.

“Attacked, assaulted by a teacher…He told, so why are we punishing the child?” Wilson said.

However, Irby said she’s not sure she’ll even send her son back to the center.

“I don’t feel like she cares about him, and I don’t want him to go back there,” Irby said.

The day care director did confirm the teacher in question has been placed on leave until the investigation is complete.

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