Greenville Drive prepares for opening day

The Greenville Drive is entering two decades of baseball in downtown Greenville.

The team has been giving fans an opportunity to see young players make a run for the big leagues in the Boston Red Sox franchise.

There are many people behind the scenes that work to make the games possible and run smoothly all year long.

Those include Bob Wagner, Clubhouse Manager and Stadium Director, James Fowler Creative Manager and Greg Burgess who is the head Grounds Keeper.

These are just some of the talented professionals that keep the field looking and sounding good.

Wagner also tells 7 News, many of the players have contracts with corporate sponsors like bat companies or uniform companies.

Wagner makes sure they’re wearing and using the right gear as well as eating the foods that the major league players do.

“Nutritional values are determined by the nutritionist at Boston and we try to follow that as much as possible,” Wagner said.

Burgess studied at Clemson and makes it his responsibility to watch how the grass, dirt and the ball interact on the field.

“I watch how the ball interacts with the ground and how the player’s cleats react in the clay. You can tell how moist it is, how firm it is and you want to try to keep it consistent so you’re watching that, making sure there’s no hops out there,” Burgess said.

James Fowler said anything you see on the scoreboard whether it’s an animated graphic or a players statistics, it’s likely been created by him.

He said a difficult part of his job is cramming in all games or contests in 90 seconds in-between pitches.

“The fans are what make all this fun,” Fowler said.

The season starts Thursday April 7, 2016 at 7:05 with dollar drink night.

On Sunday the Drive will host Safe Kids Upstate and 300 bicycle helmets will be given out.

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