VIDEO: Gaffney Waffle House fight video leads to arrests

A crowd of people rushed into a Gaffney Waffle House, Thursday morning, unleashing a violent attack on a teenage woman inside.

It was all captured on video.

7News saw the video and took it straight to the Gaffney Police Department.

Frame by frame, investigators watched as attackers dragged the teen, later hitting her many times in the face.

The video was recorded by people in the group. Someone posted it on social media, bragging about the assault.

In an exclusive interview, investigators tell 7News that they believe this incident is tied to another big brawl that happened Thursday night.

They also have cell phone video of that one which happened at Limestone Courts, an apartment complex just down the street from the Waffle House.

Again, investigators say someone behind it posted the video to social media. In less than 24 hours, the fight has more than 25,000 views.

“If you take video and you’re doing something illegal, it will come back to bite you because we are going to look at it and you will go to jail,” said Captain Chris Skinner with the Gaffney Police Department.

In the video, you can see many people fighting. At one point, someone even starts spraying mace.

We talked to a girl who says she was involved in the fight.

“The next thing you know, a whole bunch of people just start jumping in — hitting me in the back of my head. She bit me in my eye. I beat her up though, but she bit me in the eye. I slammed her on the ground, started upper-cutting her. I’m still cute though,” she said.

Frame by frame, investigators say they’re using both videos to file warrants and make arrests.

“If you want to put it on there [on social media] and you’re doing something illegal — prepare for prosecution,” said Sgt. Jeff Sizemore with the Gaffney Police Department.

Investigators say the video is solid evidence. Within hours, they arrested two women seen in the videos.

Zhynbrekia Floyd, of Spartanburg, and Cleavontasia Phillips, of Cowpens, have both been charged with assault and battery.

According to the Gaffney Police Department, many more people could be charged in the days to come.

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