Mom arrested in baby’s bathtub drowning in Inman

Kimberly Dawn Wallace
Kimberly Dawn Wallace

Kimberly Dawn Wallace has been arrested for the drowning death of her baby, according to Spartanburg Co. Sheriff’s Office.

They say the baby, 9-month-old Jaidan O’dell Wallace, drowned in a bathtub at a home on Bethune St. in Inman in July 2014.

The mom tried to blame it on another child in the home, according to deputies.

Coroner Rusty Clevenger says Jaidan died from asphyxia with respiratory insufficiency secondary to fresh water drowning.

The reason there was a delay from the time of the incident and the arrest is due to an older child that was present in the home had to be interviewed at the Children’s Advocacy Center.  In South Carolina, law enforcement has to get consent from a parent before they can interview a child.

Wallace has been charged with neglect of child/helpless person and involuntary manslaughter. A conviction has a penalty of 5-10 years.

Deputies say she was arrested Friday morning when she came to the Spartanburg Detention Center to visit an inmate.

They say she was unaware that warrants had been signed for her.

Her bond has been set at $10,000.

She is also required to wear a zero-tolerance alcohol monitor and is subject to random drug tests.

Wallace says she did not have a job and will need a public defender.

Crimes against kids

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